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Publication is not the essence of science,

but a cornucopia of scientific achievements.

Journal Publications

#contributed equally & *corresponding author

46. Buhmann M, Schmidt-Emrich S, Rodriguez Fernandez I, Pan F, Gutt B, Stiefel P, Maniura-Weber K, Ramstedt M, Abt D, Ren Q*. Urinary tract in vitro models: How relevant are they to predict biofilm formation on medical devices in vivo? (in preparation) 

45. Wang W#, Pan F#, Lai Y, Su Y*. An enhanced hydrogen evolution and photoluminescence enabled by a fine-tuned surface plasmon resonance of layered MoS2 having a gold-nanoparticle coating. (Submitted, shared first author)

44. Huong V#, Pan F#, Chang C, Su Y*. Plasmon-enhanced photoeletrochemical CO2 reduction utilizing gold nanoparticles decorated on different morphologies of Cu2O nanoparticles. (Submitted, shared first author)

43. Zhang X, Tian X, Wu N*, Zhao S, Qin Y, Pan F, Yue S, Ma X, Qiao J, Xu W, Liu W, Liu J*, Zhao M*, Ostrikov K, Zeng Z*. Metal-organic frameworks with fine-tuned interlayer spacing for microwave absorption. Science Advances 2024. (

42. Pan F*, Altenried S, Scheibler S, Ren Q*. A rapid and specific antimicrobial resistance detection of Escherichia coli associated water contaminations via magnetic nanoclusters. Nanoscale 2024, 10.1039/D3NR05463B.

41. Li L, Liu J*, Pan F, Qiao J, Zhang X, Lin J, Liu W, Wu Q, Tao S*, Wu F*, Zeng Z*Structural engineering of rare earth metal-organic frameworks derivatives with high anisotropy for high-efficiency electromagnetic wave absorption. Chemical Engineering Journal 2024, 481, 148383.

40. Li L, Qiao J, Zhang X, Lin J, Liu W, Wu Q, Pan F, Liu J*, Zeng Z*. Straw-bundle-like rare earth-organic frameworks derivatives for high-efficiency electromagnetic wave absorption. Chemical Engineering Journal 2024, 479, 147446.

39. Li B, Wu N*, Wu Q, Yang Y, Pan F, Liu W, Liu J*, Zeng Z*. From “100%” utilization of MAX/MXene to direct engineering of wearable, multifunctional E-textiles in extreme environments. Advanced Functional Materials 2023, 2307301.

38. Zhang X, Tian X, Qin Y, Qiao J, Pan F, Wu N, Wang C, Zhao S, Liu W, Cui J, Qian Z*, Zhao M*, Liu J*, Zeng Z*. Conductive Metal–Organic Frameworks with Tunable Dielectric Properties for Boosting Electromagnetic Wave Absorption. ACS Nano 2023, DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.3c02170.

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34. Pan F*, Altenried S, Scheibler S, Anthis A, Ren Q*. Specific capture of Pseudomonas aeruginosa for rapid detection of antimicrobial resistance in Urinary tract infections. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2023, 222, 114962. 

33. Zhang R, Wu N*, Pan F, Yang Y, Li B, Wu L, Liu W, Liu J*, Zeng Z*. Scalable manufacturing of light, multifunctional cellulose nanofiber aerogel sphere with tunable microstructure for microwave absorption. Carbon 2023, 203, 181-190.

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29. Pan F*, Altenried S, Scheibler S, Fernandez I, Giovannini G, Ren Q*. An ultrafast determination of antimicrobial resistant Staphylococcus aureus specifically captured by functionalized magnetic nanoclusters. ACS Sensors 2022. 7(11), 3491–3500

28. Pan F*, Altenried S, Zuber F, Zhang S, Chen Q, Ren Q*. Advanced antifouling and antibacterial hydrogels enabled by the controlled thermo-responses of a biocompatible polymer composite. Biomaterials Science 2022. 10(21), 6146-6159. (Cover paper) 

27. Guo F*, Pan F, Zhang W, Liu T, Zuber F, Zhang X, Yu Y, Zhang R, Niederberger M, Ren Q. Robust antibacterial activity of xanthan-gum-stabilized and patterned CeO2-x -TiO2 anti-fog films. ACS applied materials & interfaces 2022, 14(39), 44158-44172.

26. Yang Y, Wu N*, Li B, Liu W, Pan F, Zeng Z*, Liu J*. Biomimetic porous MXene sediment-based hydrogel for high-performance and multifunctional electromagnetic interference shielding. ACS Nano 2022, 16(9), 15042-15052.

25. Pan F#, Wu C#, Chen Y, Kung P, Su Y*. Machine Learning Enables a Rapid and Precise Projection of Surface Plasmon Resonance on ZnO Nanoflowers Coated by Gold Sea-urchin-like Nanoparticles. Nanoscale 2022, 14(37), 13532-13541. (Cover paper) 


24. Pan F#, Liu M#, Altenried S, Lei M, Yang J, Straub H, Schmahl W, Maniura-Weber K, Guillaume-Gentil O, Ren Q*. Uncoupling of bacterial attachment and detachment on polydimethylsiloxane investigated by empirical and simulation studies. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2022, 622, 419-430.

23. Pan F#, Giovannini G#, Zhang S, Altenried S, Zuber F, Chen Q, Boesel L, Ren Q*. pH-responsive silica nanoparticles for the treatment of skin wound infections. Acta Biomaterialia 2022, 145, 172-184.


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18. Kung P#, Pan F#, Su Y*. Spintronic Hydrogen Evolution Induced by Surface Plasmon of Silver Nanoparticles Loaded on Fe and Co doping ZnO Nanorods. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2021, 9(44), 24863-24873. (Cover paper)

17. Wu C#, Pan F#, Su Y*. Surface plasmon resonance of gold nano-sea-urchins controlled by machine-learning-based regulation in seed-mediated growth. Advanced Photonics Research 2021, 2(9), 2100052. (Cover paper)

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*corresponding author

16. Poster Presentation, Pan F*, Amarjargal A, Altenried S, Liu M, Zuber F, Zeng Z, Rossi R, Maniura-Weber K, Ren Q, Bio-responsive Nanofibrous Materials Enables Controlled Drug Delivery Regulated by Glass Transition Switch at Physiological Conditions. Biointerfaces International Conference 2021, Zurich, Switzerland.

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11. Participation, AMiCl training school in antimicrobial coatings (Granted 1500 EUR for participation), 2019, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

10. Participation, The Antimicrobial Resistance on Biomaterials Workshop, 2018, St. Gallen Switzerland.

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8. Participation, BIO-AFM Workshop: AFM and Related Techniques for Biological Research, 2018, St. Gallen Switzerland.

7. Executive Committee, Light Conference (Light: Science and Applications, Nature Publishing Group): International Conference on Micro/Nano Optical Engineering -T2018;, Taitung, Taiwan.

6. Chair, Light Conference: TUM students in Light 2017 (Light: Science and Applications, Nature Publishing Group), Munich, Germany.

5. Conference Secretary, Light Conference (Light: Science and Applications, Nature Publishing Group): International Conference on Micro/Nano Optical Engineering -T2016;, Tainan, Taiwan.

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1. Conference Secretary, Light Conference (Light: Science and Applications, Nature Publishing Group): International Conference on Micro/Nano Optical Engineering -T2015;, Tainan, Taiwan.


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